Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hog moan eh!

The silence is uncanny.  Christmas used to be like this.  Sundays weren't far behind - everywhere closed, no choice but to get along with people at home.  My uncle had a grocer's shop in Gwaun Cae Gurwen - always closed early on Saturdays, which I found odd because Wednesday was early closing where we lived.  No such thing now, of course, but what does it cost to stay open all the time?  The trickle of custom at the supermarket last Monday meant staff were so bored they were telling their customers as much.  Every little helps ;-)

Stayed in last night - too many pubs closed or too far away.  My son thinks pubs are outdated - he offers cinema and shopping as alternatives, but these are guaranteed to grind conversation to a halt.  My local, three miles away as luck would have it, offers books and games, biscuits and cheese on a Friday night.  Here bell-ringers meet to circle the round table where regulars play cards and sup from a personal jar from behind the bar.  The neighbour, a local councillor no less, is so public spirited that he spurns any attempt at music even to see in the New Year.  So, I resolve to carol sing especially for him next Yuletide and see how the old Scrooge likes a traditional credit free trick or treat!

Posted @ 12:01:12 on 01 January 2009
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