Sunday, 4 January 2009

I've just twigged...

It's funny how the New Year always prompts us to take exercise - I've walked myself into two bouts of it today.  Between that and buying the papers, today is most unlike a usual Sunday.  On my second walk I was astonished to find so many twigs on the ground.  Since Mum always sent us to collect kindling as kids, it seemed only natural to pick them up.  In the crisp frost, they cracked easily in my hands - short little tinder sticks in an instant.  The kindling ignites the self-sufficiency of my youth.  I am thinking about making all my gifts this year, recalling recipes as I survey the hedgerows.  

The twigs keep my attention though - there are just so many of them, lying there rotting.  Shop bought kindling costs £2.20 a bag and half a litre of my petrol, never mind what anyone else clocks up in transport miles.  I'm already planning to use a briquette maker next Summer to recycle paper into logs for my fire.  Interestingly, the Sundays report a downturn in waste paper values, so that's another credit free New Year's resolution sorted. Winter walks for kindling, summer briqette maker for logs.  Hopefully, I'll burn off some energy around my waist line to create fuel that will heat my home - toasty!

Posted @ 12:24:08 on 04 January 2009
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