Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pass go

I bought a breadmaker today. It cost £10 more than the one I saw in a supermarket before Christmas, but that's a snip.  You see, a month or so ago I was without change when I used a local car park and nipped off to break a note so as to come back and pay the charge immediately, as you do. Needing a USB cable anyway, I went first to Woolies, which was mobbed on day one of their clearance and so I tried for the first time ever the electrical specialist, Pass & Son, established in 1929.  

Back at the car park some ten minutes later and ticket in hand, I found a fixed penalty notice attached to my windscreen...  Contesting the fine from a car park at such a distance from the town centre and on such an unusally busy day, I was struck that this constitutes far less a penalty on me than on the independent high street retailer. Since the cable was for a printer bought at a supermarket, which gave no indication that I could not connect without it, my conversion was simple.

Today Pass confirm with absolute certainty that the breadmaker I am contemplating is one of those featured amongst last Sunday's papers and magazines as one which also makes jam - thus, no need to for costly pans or sugar thermometers.  I think that's worth ten quid, don't you?

Posted @ 12:44:49 on 06 January 2009
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