Friday, 29 May 2009


My car has broken down...  

In spite of the fact that I now ride a scooter just about everywhere, I do need a car for ferrying family. Today, for instance, we needed to travel 3 miles, so we took the bus - or should I say buses - making it five miles. Have a guess at the grand total for return fares for one and half rides - £9.70. I feel sick. Fuel for my car on such a journey would cost about £1.20 and for my scooter around 30p. Suffice it to say that we live in a rural area.

Anyway, I may need a new car. With the Credit Crunch, second hand cars have gone up in price and the £2000 plus scrappage deal looks very tempting - I mean, about a third off some small car that I can run and run to my very own bangtastic end, that's potentially more eco-friendly than my current drive and allowing me to support the manufacturing industries to boot? Now is not a good time for me to buy another second hand car either - I have plans, more interesting plans, and a whole three months to wait before I shall earn a regular income again.  

I could... borrow.

Bloody typical, isn't it? After a year of working on Zero-credit and at the very brink of lauching this website, I am faced with an ethical dilemma. Life would be so much easier if I could take out finance on a new car. Or would it? No sooner had I aired this possibility than my son decided that I should take out a loan for his wish list.  He can be very persuasive and £9.70 on bus fares hasn't helped.

I'm going to test drive a new car this weekend, so everyone will just have to wait and see. If anything, it will be a first for me and for this reason alone, a worthwhile experience.  Following my Granny's advice that "everything will come right in its time", for the next couple of months I shall dream of a spot on the Paul O'Grady Show  - because all you lovely readers rate Zero-credit - and who knows what may happen by then! 

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