Friday, 26 June 2009

A lesson from Portugal

One of the things I remember most about conducting international research in the nineties was what a pain in the bum it was doing business with Portugal because they took interminably long lunch breaks and weeks passed before anyone ever called you back. In my twenties, it seemed like an inordinate waste of time.

My blog has been quiet for a couple of days because I have been exploring the merits of other social networking media – not to replace, but to complement this. I want my readership up. I believe my message is important, so share it I will. 

But there is inherently more to networking than site boost. On My Space I have hooked up with old Arts contacts, some of my own and some of Dad's, which necessarily brings a fair amount of reminiscence. There is something very demanding about respecting a loved one's memory - you cannot simply gloss over it to move on to the next lead.

On Facebook I have befriended ex-colleagues and school mates and am busy thinking about one, Arch Jones, whom my Dad always joked ran the Gorsedd of Joneses. All I can think about is a nice pint of beer somewhere in the vicinity of Aberaeron and tales of the last thirty years.

This weekend I shall be neither mummy nor Zero-creditor, for I am off to spend real time with another friend. My food costs research will have to wait and on current readership (albeit improving rapidly), I doubt the supermarkets are likely to relent on pricing strategies. So if I haven't blogged what you'd like to read, please don't send me to Coventry, I have merely sojourned to Portugal for a few days to enjoy the more human pace of life.

Posted @ 22:09:03 on 25 June 2009
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