Friday, 12 June 2009

a Lidl annoyed

In switching to bulk buying over the last couple of years, I have tended to shop less and less at Lidl.  It had been my preferred creditfree supermarket. However on the last couple of occasions that I popped in, items that I've been buying for years were no longer on the shelves:

1 extra specially cheap 13p a bottle washing up liquid - vanished about December 2008
2 coffee filter papers - gone when I went in for them yesterday irrespective of Lidl's selling ground coffee...
3 loads of amazing toiletries, eucalyptus bubble bath and the like, replaced with Pantene, Sure, Lynx... 

A lot of branded goods have been introduced and many prices have increased, from what I can see, largely since since they were awarded Discount Retailer of the Year 2008.

It didn't help that the sales assistant whom I have known for a while was leaving as she was disillusioned with the number of goods that had been withdrawn from sale until further notice.

I really am beginning to believe there may be some kind of grocery retail conspiracy to ensure folk part with their cash. I mean we all need food, right? Off to my wholesaler at the weekend so I can't wait to report back.  Bread as I recall was £1.85 for two loaves, beans as blogged previously and I shall dig out some old receipts before I go... 

Posted @ 21:38:01 on 11 June 2009
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