Sunday, 7 June 2009

Beans means profits

For my sins, I have a wholesale account for bulk buying tins and washing powder  Every couple of months, I buy a tray of 24 tins of Branston baked beans for five pounds something or other which works out at around 26p a tin. For some time, I have been wondering what all the fuss about rising food costs was because I haven't seen much evidence of it where I shop. Now I know...  

On entering a local supermarket yesterday, I saw Branston beans promoted in large letters at the front of the store for 31p a tin at HALF PRICE! At full price, that's precisely 36p per tin more than I am paying. So I checked out the value beans - 29p per tin. I don't know about you, but I have a major problem with basic goods like these being marked up, just so 24 cans of beer may be sold for a tenner. Do children live on beer? Do pensioners? Is there a genuine retail price left in a British supermarket these days?

Posted @ 20:21:08 on 06 June 2009
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