Friday, 19 June 2009

Broadband Tax

You know how sometimes the penny takes an eternity to drop? Well I've had one of those – I guess you can't call them moments. The site launch is going well and I've had some very positive feedback about developing links and associations. I shall widen the net further as we approach the school summer holidays.

I'd heard the broadband tax news, of course, but it seemed to wash over me - £6 a year seems negligible if it means we're all connected.  Not least as I honestly believe that internet connection is the number one debt busting tool - I mean how else can you access information quickly and easily? Okay, so you have to sift through and sort it for yourself, but for immediate access to cheap or credit free activities and equipment, what else is there? Don't forget to check out all the hardware, software and online Zero-credits in the communcations tips to enhance your surfing experience!

Posted @ 16:59:56 on 18 June 2009
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