Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Have I got news for you?

I can see the satirists right now: Zero-credit has the breaking strain of a Kit Kat! 

Remember that test drive I was going to take? Well, I never took it. In point of fact the VW Dealer was damned rude about my wanting a Fox because I had scrappage in mind, so their loss turned out to be Toyota's gain because I have just bought the new IQ. Why have you broken your resolve you may ask? Simple. The Toyota IQ has unprecedented advantages, which will future proof my wallet and be kinder to the environment.

First off, my son is a wapping 6'7” of Jonah Lomu proportions. Not only can he sit extremely comfortably on the passenger side, without interfering with my driving (not achieved in either of our far bigger Mazda Premacy or now scrapped Volvo 940) but he will also be able to drive the IQ in a few years time. Secondly the IQ enjoys zero road tax, because its emissions are so low. It runs at just over 65mpg (combined) and costs peanuts to insure, so I can afford for him to drive it. 

I did the maths: buy the IQ on finance or run an older car. With petrol up some 17 pence a litre since January and suggestions that we may see £1.20 a litre at the pumps before too long, the IQ looks set to save at least a grand a year compared to anything else to accommodate my family. It reminds me of my old Fiat Uno – inherently practical, resilient and cheap to run – except that it has loads more leg room, all sorts of lovely little luxuries, and looks a doll.

Reviewed in “The People”, when I picked it up yesterday, Paul Myles headlined “i-cutie's a beauty”. I think it's pure genius and paying for it won't do my credit history any harm either. Besides Student Loans, there isn't much credit I endorse, but credit where credit is due - the IQ is worth every penny.

Posted @ 07:19:53 on 22 June 2009
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