Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So this is [not] Christmas

It is some thirty minutes since I finally published this site and I feel grand! Given that the book was finished (well it may need a few alterations now) back in December this may seem like an eternity. But not when you consider that within that time I have registered with 4 supply teaching agencies, kept myself pretty much in full-time work since the end of January and secured my ideal of a part time teaching contract from September. And all for the love of writing!

My ideal is to write fiction. Zero-credit was an idea thought up with my wonderful brother, last Spring and it has been a joy to write - frustrating at times, but a joy. Above all, I'd like it to succeed because over the past decade I have been disgusted at the lack of straightforward information for anyone in financial difficulty. The booby traps are many and simple practical details are few and far between.

My final act before pressing the almighty button was to spell check - Thanks, Mr Site, for yet another chuckle at Americanisms. Your spell checker does not recognise the spelling "okay", suggesting in the first instance that I replace it with "orgy". Well folks, it's time for bed, so have an orgy of credit free savings and debt busting on me, if that's okay?

Posted @ 23:55:32 on 08 June 2009
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