Friday, 10 July 2009

#adsensedebtsharks trend it to end it now

Okay, so I am not the most refined of Twitterati, a fearsome newbie and it'll take time for me to be sussed out... But bli-mey there are some awful cynics out there. Every follower invited and only a handful came (thanks for your DMs @Sylvarwolf and @30point2). Still, I am feeling inordinately frustrated.

I'm not so opinionated as to think I have the only answer, but I am opinionated enough to think that my ideas are relevant, pertinent and demand an audience and I shall most certainly keep Tweeting to that effect, however persona non grata I become.

I hate London. It is so glib. The other day, Monday was it, the elite were moaning about storms in the city and how the Commons was flooded and Stephen Fry (I do love him really) could not watch The Man in the Iron Mask? I could not teach a class of 30 kids – same last Friday too – several hours of precious learning time wasted because we persist in teaching kids in June and July, in searing heat and thunderous storms. Yet you would not have thought there had been thunder and lightening anywhere but London.

I am trying to set a trending topic that debt managers, claims companies, equity release, consoldation and payday loans companies should not be able to advertise so freely on the Internet: #adsensedebtsharks. It angers me that when you Google National Debtline, National Debt Helpline comes up at the top of the sponsored links. To me this is passing off and I don't think I'm wrong that this is an issue when kids quote Google as their source at A level - the vast majority of domestic internet users do not wholly understand sponsored links.

If #digitalbritain intends to create a fairer society then such trickery has to be stopped. I want all site owners using adsense and similar to block, lobby and prevent these charlatans from advertising next to content which those in financial difficulty may need. It's not rocket science. The ads on your site enjoy the cachet of your company's endorsement. And when they pay you peanuts anyway, what revenue will you lose? #adsensedebtsharks - trend it to end it now!

Posted @ 18:31:37 on 09 July 2009
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