Wednesday, 1 July 2009

In yer Facebook!

Ever been to a webinar? I have – it was so exciting. I'm like dancing to the 'b'nar-waiting music and hand-jiving in my swivel chair. I should have had the webcam on to vlog my online learning curve. Helen (my OYAP thankee and real Portuguese connection) said it – what you've learned in a couple of months is amazing. Truth be told, though, I've a way to go with social media and that is my dilemma. 

Can you help? Zero-credit needs exposure - don't we all? But I'd like to think that its free to use and ad-free ethos shares something we desperately need. The appalling statistic that 50% of us own a mere 1% of private wealth simply cannot be ignored. And the recession is merrily exasperating our sorry state, as shrewd marketeers think of new ways to sell the Emperor's New Clothes. Twitter is great for spotting that.

However, I am fast reaching information overload - I don't mind learning new stuff. I am a teacher for goodness sake - but I have a family to care for, lessons to plan, a man to love and books that I so very much want to write. So, exposure will do me no harm... But what will the lack of exposure do to:

Even Helen didn't know that you can shave 2% off a bill by going paperless – which is a sin because energy is as essential as the air we breathe and yet we continue to namby pamby with fuel poverty spin. 

“Verba non acta” my son frequently says – usually about my nagging him to do the washing up. But he's right. The webinar I attended quoted some Marketing Director at Microsoft - my learning curve was too prolific in note taking to get all of it - that social media is shifting the emphasis from companies and institutions to individuals and communities. So how about you make that even more of a reality and help me? 

I'm not asking for cash, but your comments and recommendations. The get rich quick with a click brigade are fogging my horizons and I am so not interested. For one, I have no money to finance their fix and for another there is so much more I'd like to do.

Zero-credit was born a year ago. I was ill and writing took my mind off that. Since then I have relived all my best Zero-credits, cutting my monthly outgoings by half and my hours in the classroom by a third, just so I can write. 

To me it is simple – if you like what I have to say, then help me to say it. Discuss with me, share your ideas - I will credit you! Share your credit free tips for social media. And if you don't like my message? By all means argue the toss, because to my mind finding that half of this country lives in relative poverty is a disgrace.

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