Thursday, 20 August 2009

because you're worth it!

So many people to thank, so little brain space left after a 17 hour stint, editing the site that I cannot list them all now.

All I can say is this...  Zero-credit undoubtedly has a place in our society and although my heart is calling me to start that novel I had planned for the Autumn, back in January, I shall see this through.

I reckon on having new content up over the weekend - from 19 to 25 pages in little over two months! Loads more links, especially to those who have supported me - you know who you are!  And if I don't list you here, rest assured that your name will appear somewhere, with Due Credit!

Blessings all - it truly has been a beautiful day indeed :-)

Posted @ 00:38:39 on 20 August 2009
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