Sunday, 23 August 2009

#DueCredit #CreditFree and #enddodgydebtads

This is war!

No more faffing about here, people, I mean to put an end to all the passing off and poverty which prevails in the market for alternative lending and commercial debt counselling (genuine paid services need have nothing to fear).

First, I'd like you to embrace the currency of Due Credit /  (#DueCredit in Tweets) - giving thanks for a good tip or turn which comes at no cost to you.

Second, please share your Credit Free  / (#CreditFree, get the twicture?) tips for products and services which cost little or nothing, and if paid for at all, were paid for in cash!

Third, and most importantly, join Zero-credit's campaign to end dodgy debt ads  / (#enddodgydebtads - a hashtag costs nothing!) so that guidance for living credit and debt free becomes utterly transparent and accessible.

Hope you enjoy the new additions to the website and keep coming back for more!

Posted @ 14:14:53 on 23 August 2009


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