Thursday, 27 August 2009

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You know the feeling? You have a few moments break, perhaps at lunchtime or when you get home from work, settling down to watch the news or read the paper – you're maybe hoping for something interesting, relaxing, uplifting even? But it’s one depressing story after another - wars, celebrities off the rails, young people behaving badly, politicians being dishonest, poor parenting, house prices up, house prices down, even criticism because of someone's hair or dress sense… Why is it all such bad news? By the time you have finished your heart is in your boots, you feel unable to make a difference and you’re drained of energy. You know good things happen in the world – it just seems hard to find the evidence.

Well there is some great news out there!

It’s on a website called There's a newspaper too, The Fresh Outlook, and it’s weekly, online and reporting good news from all quarters – individuals, charities, not for profits, businesses – even the government. Here you can read about young people doing good things, communities working together, volunteers having fun and serious issues seen in a positive light. And even the news that isn't so good is constructively reported from all angles, so you can make your own mind up.

The thinking behind FreshTies is that positive and constructive coverage of people and issues gives us a more balanced view of life, helping us to get on more. We believe that by sharing knowledge, we break down social barriers. Non-mainstream issues get regular coverage, too - after all, the less we know, the more myths grow. People will always disagree on issues, which is fine, but through FreshTies we can understand why. Ask yourself - every day, good things happen, so, who made the decision, and when, that all news reported must be bad? The more you think about it, the more you realise that what we read and listen to impacts on our thinking, consciously and subconsciously. Our thinking then informs what we do, our attitudes to other people and how we think about the future. Wouldn’t it be better to feed in constructive content rather than content which is negative or destructive? The FreshTies newspaper is for all people, and everyone can contribute opinions, good news stories, as well as encourage the sharing of knowledge so we gain from each others' experiences.

Linked to the FreshTies newspaper is our ishare, an online place for individuals and businesses to find and respond to non cash requests from their community easily - or make offers of help! For example, AVG, the anti virus company responded to a primary school request to provide staff to read with their children. Examples like these can be good news features in the newspaper, showing the non cash ways to get involved in your community, which means everyone has something to offer.

FreshTies runs not-for-profit, which means that everything we make in profit goes back into community projects, such as media projects to help young disadvantaged individuals gain practical skills and experience as reporters or marketers. This also helps increase the diversity of people in the media, which we all need for fairer, more balanced journalism. FreshTies - online or offline - involves us all in sharing whatever we know or can do, so we can all have a decent life.

Instead of feeling heavy and depressed at the bad things in life, feel encouraged at the positive, and the possibility that with a little help from each other, there is plenty of good news to go round! Why not start afresh with a few simple actions?

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tell other people about the newspaper / or FreshTies in general

join the FreshTies ishare – and make a token donation to grow our work

Thanks, FreshTies, for a touch of feel good factor.  It was needed! (Emma)
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