Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The euphoric time loss of holidays...

... and finding bits of paper which have been put in a safe place. I think I wrote this on 2nd August:

Sat in my tent on a cliff top with the Writers' & Artists Yearbook all day, I can safely say that I've had an epiphany. There is immense benefit in being bereft of technology for a while – you have to focus.

First off I should like to thank the UK Poverty Post (http://twitter.com/UKpovertypost) for volunteering an endorsement of this site. I felt like a 50s debutante coming out to acclaim in “The Tatler”, “The Lady” or similar. My excitement could not have been more gamine.

However, I am fast approaching the deadline at which I had planned to be writing fiction. Since January, I have sought employment to finance my efforts, launched and marketed this site and I'm now looking for relevant NFP stakeholders to steer it further into the public domain – much as recommended by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in “Poverty in the media”.

I have a number of proposals which would effect broader contribution than I alone can muster. But lacking in capital, all I can offer is that which I have created and such time as I am willing to donate further.

In its infancy, last summer, I had hoped that Zero-credit might generate an income. As I learned more of the many people who have so little, raising awareness of the potential Zero-credit offers became a mission. I deteremined to be a philanthropist of beyond humble means.

There is no doubt that I seek interest – though none fiscal for this project, at least. I should like readers to ask why I created this resource and that any enthusiasm for it might extent to whatever else I may write. Long live the currency of giving!

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