Thursday, 10 September 2009

Big Barn Guest Blog: mmm crunchy!

Fresh English apples, fantastic food! One a day to keep Swine Flu away!

English apples are now in season but very few are on the supermarket shelves. How long will it be before they are, and how many varieties will we see, will they all be the same size and will they be fresh? Where do we find a really good, fresh, apple?

We have over one thousand varieties of apple in the UK but only 15 are grown commercially. Most, like the delicious Cox's Orange Pippin, have been de-listed by supermarkets and as a result most of the trees have been destroyed by growers, also with the help of EEC grant aid!

Different varieties of apple are ripening on their trees between now and October. Many are now in season and should be available to us all. Most fruit and veg is most nutritious and tasty when it is fresh and ripe. Far too much of what we eat has been picked early to satisfy the needs of distribution and shelf life. As always to get the best, grow it, or buy direct.

To find your nearest fresh apple try your local farm shop by typing in your postcode here: 

or visit our MarketPlace in the autumn to buy a tree to plant. 
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