Wednesday, 28 October 2009

As it is...

I think it's about time I fessed up! I'm conscious that I'm blogging less, tweeting less and could well appear to be divesting myself of Zero-credit, which I am not. Unequivocally, I am not. You see, I believe that ConkerTU , the project that's taking up so much of my time at the moment, is one of the single most important things I can do to empower individuals to self sustain and live creditfree. 

It's some 18 months since I started my Zero-credit journey of cataloging and classifying creditfree savings and if there's one trend that's made itself abundantly clear, it's that the biggest savings are to be made from reducing our dependence on consumerism. That's why we're launching ConkerTU on International Buy Nothing Day .

Spending less isn't about downshifting to value brands or foregoing life's pleasures either – rest assured that if you're down, both of these so called spending tips will only serve to keep you under. Value foods are packed with cheap fats, carbohydrates, salt and additives (guaranteed to wreck your health), whilst denying yourself the small pleasures which make you feel like an individual will damage any inkling of the "can do" attitude you have.

However, the creativity which abounds when we start to think of what 's possible with the resources around us never ceases to amaze me. Undoubtedly the most inspiring date of late I've had was with Lammas, in Wales last weekend, when so many childhood memories of struggling on my parents' reduced means came flooding back. Everywhere I looked there were reminders that we used to do this or I could do that.

Another great find last week was just for the love of it  a superb skill sharing site which my ConkerTU partner, Phil Campbell, and I came across through the lovely people at Buy Nothing Day – have you heard of Mark Boyle who's been living without money for a year? Yes! It can be done - freecomonists prove it!

Now whilst news like this fills me with joy and I want as many links to it up on this site ASAP, there's only so much I can do. As well as running Zero-credit and launching ConkerTU, I'm a full time mum and I work three to four days a week as a secondary school teacher, because I need to pay my bills. I also love teaching and am finding myself a much better teacher for bringing inspiration like the above into class – that's what it's all about right, securing our future?

So, where does that leave us, by which I mean you and me? Well, if I'm quiet, don't give up on me – I'm probably blogging for Freshties or ConkerTU. For Zero-credit, I've plans afoot over the next couple of months to make my blogging, tweeting and general levels of engagement a whole lot easier - darn I need to get away from my paper ridden kitchen table and this beat up old laptop! You'd laugh if you saw this, honest! 

If you like what I've been saying for the last four months, then e-mail me at to add your own voice to the sustainable and creditfree debate or just add your comment on one of these blogs. And rest assured, the debt mongers and poverty peddlars won't get rid of me that easily!

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