Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dawn of a new era!

Well, I must say I like audioboo for its simplicity in recording and uploading.  I can be Mummy and teacher and all my other commitments as well as Zero-credit and now 1/3 of ConkerTU.

I'm less impressed with the rigidity of this Mr Site blogging platform, though I am likely to be looking at other CMS in the next few weeks.  Afterall having the rss feed button at the end of every single blog I've ever entered is hardly an incentive for following this, now is it?  

Still I bought this package almost a year ago with zero-knowlegde of how to create a web presence and I haven't done too badly for my seventy odd quid!  As an exercise in what you can achieve with Zero-credit, I'm quite proud of this site!

I'm quite proud of this audioboo too - even if I did fluff one word - but hey for an off the cuff speech it's pretty good!  You'll hear more from me yet!

Posted @ 18:46:29 on 24 November 2009
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