Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Biker Matron Blues

On 21st January 2009 I bought my first ever motorcycle, a Jinlun 125 T12.  I'd done my CBT a week before and was so excited to be riding a bike (okay, a scooter) to work.  I picked it because I could not afford more than a grand, needed good storage to carry exercise books and I wanted a new bike because I didn't know much about bikes (other than what I'd learned researching Zero-credit & watching local youngsters offroad) and my teenaged son is an ace at taking things apart.

I explained all this to and was given the distinct impression they'd look after me.  About six weeks after I bought the bike, a wing mirror snapped off - I rang them and they did not call back to arrange a replacement.  Needing to get the pennies is an as a supply teacher I just kept riding and servicing locally as I was told to, till eventually the second wing mirror snapped off and the bracket to screw in the rear indicator disintegrated.  I resolved to take the bike in over the summer because the electric twist and go was also faltering.  The summer was taken up with being a mum after so much work on the Zero-credit launch.

Last month, I decided to ride the bike down there - I couldn't.  The electrics have gone completely and the kick start is bust.  As it is half term, I went in today to express my concerns.  I was not met with the response I was expecting.  I was told that my bike was a year old therefore outside six months warranty - despite the 12 months stated on my receipt which was "added up wrong" and given very short shrift about refund / replacement / repairs because I had not signed one of the two order forms, both of which I have.

Below is an excerpt of the letter I have sent to Jinlun after a little consumer rights research and which is also posted to every biking group I can think of on Facebook.  Earlier today I might have accepted replacement or repair but now, I want my money back.

"Further to our conversation this morning in which you informed me that I was not entitled to any refund or repairs from you for the now unuseable Jinlun 125 T12 bought from you “a year ago” and with “unsigned paperwork”, I write to advise you of the following:

A two year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the UK under EU Directive 1999/44/EC, giving me the right to a full refund, replacement or repair for this purchase.

On this basis, I am in no way required, as you suggested, to pay yet further money for transporting this vehicle to you, nor indeed for the repairs which you claim to be uncovered by the warranty. 

As I am confident that Consumer Direct and Trading Standards, both of which I shall be contacting on Monday, will be most interested to to investigate both the paperwork and the after sales service you provide, I should appreciate a prompt conclusion in this matter."
Posted @ 17:37:37 on 31 October 2009 
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