Tuesday, 22 December 2009

acid test request

What follows is my response to an e-mail I received yesterday:

Hi I`m Chris Clarkson from debtwatchdog.com. Operated by the same people who created Holiday Watchdog, debtwatchdog.com offers users all the information they need to understand and start fixing their debt issues .

There's no doubt you have some interesting sites out there.  I'm just wondering why neither your LinkedIN  nor your Twitter  profile make any mention of debtwatchdog.com.  I know the debt / credit tag is a bit of a hot potato - it's easy for folk to assume you're a charlatan when you're not - but I tend to err on the side of transparency and find that works. 

Our management team has asked me to contact other site owners because we are looking for relevant partners and zero-credit.co.uk seems ideal. We can either exchange links with you - or - we can offer you some free of charge unique content in return for a link back to us.
I'm hoping you are aware that Zero-credit is a links rich site, although categorically not involved in any manner of affiliation scheme.  This not to say Zero-credit is averse to exchanging links, but that the majority of such arrangements are with Not for Profit organisations. 
We have access to a very large group of UK-based editorial staff who could research and write a high quality, unique piece specifically for zero-credit.co.uk. You will of course have full editorial control and it definitely won`t be a sales pitch for us!

Unclear as to whether you hold a commercial or non-commercial credit counselling licence and wary of site visitors entering financial information using your statement of affairs tool without greater clarity as to how this is used, would you explain this please? 

All we would ask is that you allow us to include one simple text link back to debtwatchdog.com towards the end of the content which will hopefully be found by the search engines in the longer term - which is how we would benefit.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thanks and Kind Regards - Chris Clarkson

Posted to the Zero-credit blog, this correspondence will provide a link. Ideally, your response will reveal a shared aim to end the confusion for those seeking reliable advice, for as I am sure you are aware, Zero-credit is committed to ending dodgy debt ads and eradicating debt stigma.
Best wishes

Posted @ 08:04:47 on 22 December 2009
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