Saturday, 5 December 2009

Two blogs in a day sure beats retail therapy

Hello again!  Well I have had a fine day catching up with Zero-credit news. Sadly I don't have the time to include all of it here now, but rest assured that come the end of term (2 weeks) I shall be posting a whole host of new goodies to add to the vast array of links I have for all you Zero-creditors!

It's been fun being back in the Zero-credit saddle. I'm enjoying Conkertu and looking forward to more, but I have found it hard to give both the attention they deserve, so I hope you've found my posts over at conkertu of interest. I truly believe that sustainable lifestyles are the best way to live creditfree.

I didn't record any audioboo in and around Coalville in the end - I got there too late in the day to make the most of the market and my hands were cold. Still, I have just vented my spleen at the continued shenanigans of debt management companies passing themselves off as charities: debt ad scams. Maybe one day someone with some degree of influence will take note and kick up a fuss!  I still find it incredible that no one picked up on The Debt Standard blog I posted a couple of months ago.

I will be gettting back to you on the Jinlun saga - I have not had the time to pursue it further and remain vastly irritated at how people who know they are in the wrong come up with all sorts of delaying tactics instead of just getting on with it. Life is way too short to faddle about like that in my opinion - it is the ultimate cheapskate.

Anyway, that's all from me for a few more days - I'm off for a much needed and relaxing weekend with the man I love and without whom none of this would be possible. Good luck staying creditfree in the run up to Xmas - use some of the ideas on the Leisure page if you're trying not to part with your pennies - I know I am!  Still, better to live frugal and do this than earn shed loads and not have the time for doing anything worthwhile.

Oh yeah and I'm sorry there isn't a consistent font size for this blog - its such a pain compared to the likes of Tumblr - but that too will be sorted in the next fortnight or so!

Posted @ 23:28:05 on 04 December 2009
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