Tuesday, 19 January 2010

buy now, pay... less

Most money saving tipsters will tell you that it's best to bogof when toiletries are on offer. However, ends of line and half-price deals allow you to experiment with something new. Look for products from manufacturers you like and trust in this overly diversified market. Sure, there's momentary grief as some limited edition reaches its last ever scraping, but you'll soon find the term limited means nothing of the sort.

Future proof your wash bag by hitting the sales well after New Year. A large branch of Boots or similar will often have designer packages from Christmas up for clearance by Valentine's Day, so you get discount goodies with accessories thrown in credit free! By February most loyal customers are heavily indebted, making it all the more of an ego boost to flash your cash when others can't.

You'll make regular savings because whilst the summer sales are okay, un-cleared goods do a second round at the end of the winter sales, making this is a far better time to sort a new season wardrobe. You're more likely to know your commitments and the Sunday papers should have featured some fashion previews by then.


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