Friday, 29 January 2010

I think you should know

There's no doubt that switching to posterous from Mr Site is gaining a Zero-credit audience - thanks! However, you may be wondering why zero-credit seems prolific some days and uneventful others. 


When I launched in June 2009, I was working as a supply teacher and am now on a part-time contract which leaves me one day a week to work on Zero-credit. I'm also a mum!


As I add more of the old blog, you'll be able to see the deliberations I've had about formalising Zero-credit's not for profit status - as ever thanks to the countless third sector and not for profit agencies who've recognised it as such.


I'm currently working on a model which should effect this formally by the start of the new financial year and I aim to be working pretty much full time on Zero-credit and associated social enterprise from August / September.


In the meantime thanks for all the comments and links to relevant reading, especially the Links UK series this week on Poverty in the Media (via Rob Dyson):

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