Monday, 18 January 2010

original sin


Creativity has been at the forefront of my mind all weekend. It started early on Friday, when I finished the last of my Journey out of Debt articles for - on making the most of a tight energy budget - Survival of the Skintest. There's something about the dictum that "needs must" - it brings out the right kind of fight in us - taking on extreme challenges, overcoming adversity. We think originally, creatively to find new solutions to old problems.

And I guess that's where I'm at - the brink of an original creation, promoting sustainability where I live. But it's weird because for the past few weeks I have ignored family life to focus on this, zero-credit, conkertu and plans yet to come. I've pretty much left my son to his own devices, nocturnal and needless in a game fuelled teenfest as Christmas and the weather turned school work upside down.

Then the rain came, and with it reality. 6th form applications need to be in. We went to an open day at Burton College, where I learned that Will and I have far more in common than I ever imagined - he's interested in poverty, climate change and human rights. That evening, he joined us for the Donisthorpe Wassail (photo courtesy of Phil Campbell who so totally covered this wonderful event: and But it's been so long since Will came out with us, I was over the moon.

Just now, I audioboo'd a piece of Will's GCSE English Coursework, completed this afternoon in a fitting culmination to a most amazing weekend. 

Food for mind, soul and reflection, provided simply by people sharing memories, skills and ideas. I take zero-credit for the magic that's been recorded this weekend, accepting fully the culpability of ignoring my son. And this is it. If there is such a thing as sin in this world it sure as hell ain't original, for in creation itself is the life blood of what's best. More like this, please!
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