Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Zero-credit accepted

There isn't one single person who knows for sure whether they'll be accepted or declined for credit. Every lender has a different set of criteria, many of them automated, and all of them carefully concealed between layer upon layer of computer generated ifs and buts to prevent fraud. So, there can be no shame in having poor credit, or debts, come to that. It's how you approach the problem which determines whether your intentions are honourable.

Whether you've lost your job, been ill or even on a silly spending spree, the biggest mistake you can ever make is borrowing when you feel down, because you'll pay for it with more than you can imagine in risk associated premiums. Personally, I find this exploitation of fear immoral. What's more, it's as damaging to original creditors as it is to debtors themselves and for this reason alone, the credit and debt market is huge. Many commercial debt counsellors specialise in passing themselves of as recognised charities, so it's small wonder that people become trapped. 

I'll be posting some more on spotting the bad guys but for the time being one of my top new tips is: - Do us all a favour and pass it on!
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