Friday, 5 March 2010

Green loans aren't credit free

Property values may increase with an Energy Performance Certificate rated C or above, but thousands to fit a system, saving only hundreds a year can make for a long term loan indeed. Zero-credit is none too sure of the Government's planned "green loans" - 25 years is an awfully long time to pay back a few grand and from what we've seen of low impact living it pays to remember that a great deal of energy saving technology is aimed at a perceived growth market. This stunning house was built for around £3000 by Simon Dale who is now building an entire of village of these along with others at
Zero-credit likes the honesty of insulating windows with cardboard boxes - a top credit free interim tip from The Touchwood Project. And from personal experience, polystyrene paper applied under lining and / or wall paper to insulate and tackle damp for around three quid a roll is also very effective, especially when you're a social tenant and not eligible for any grants or loans. For more ideas take an eco-tour, before you dish out on credit.
Penney Poyzer & Gil Schalom's Nottingham eco-home:
The Centre for Alternative Technology -


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