Thursday, 1 April 2010

Compare the sponsors dot . com

Comparison sites are basically brokers - databases are cheaper to search than phoning around for deals so it's easy to see how revenue is created from payments for poll position.

Accrediation from Consumer Focus ensures energy comparators sign up to a Confidence Code and it's interesting to see the prime time TV advertisers that don't. Duel fuel isn't always the cheapest and it's worth your while exploring options with and without standing charge too.

However, if you have better uses for your time than comparing costs all day or simply believe in loyalty that isn't abused, you might want to sign up with ethical energy supplier, Ebico, where bills are the same however you pay. 

Zero-credit also recommends using Government funded, FSA mortgage and insurance advice at Money Made Clear to package deals yourself - after all, you've paid for it already...

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