Saturday, 10 April 2010

Out Of Control

It's been a busy few days at Zero-credit, though not out of control - well, not quite... The fact is we're losing control with good reason, as we hand over the reigns to our readers. Contributors are signing up to Property, Transport, Leisure, Household, Fashion, Welfare, Communications and Finance on Zero-credit to share credit free ideas and experiences in a combined effort to end debt stigma. It seems quite a lot of us agree that financial exclusion is wrong.

Why should the cash strapped endure sub-standard lending and dodgy debt advice when such institutional benefit fraud costs us dear?

More and more people are recognising that the lifestyle changes required to make ends meet are similar to those used to make savings. No one can cut spending arbitrarily when household needs are dependent on age, health, dependents, location - the front line services of our domestic lives. The principles of cost cutting are less about where the gains are deposited than the practicality of how cuts can be maintained and savings achieved. Such is the common ground between debtors and savers.

We cannot change the credit culture which brought us to economic ruin: there is no turning back, but we have to deal with it. To stigmatise poverty and debt leaves those most at risk of insecurity, through illness, redundancy or even pay cuts and shorter hours, wide open to abuse. There is no potential for recovery in that. UK lending needs to focus on innovation for our economy to survive. Debt drunk consumerism has had its day and as this clip amply demonstrates, our capacity for creativity needs few tools to be inspiring.


If you'd like to end lending that's out of control then why not share your credit free tips on Zero-credit? Just pick a category to e-mail and provided it's not offensive, an advert or debt advice (not-for-profit advisers by invitation only) we'll post it!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to give credit where it's due!

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