Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The opera ain't over...


till the fat lady sings...And let's face it you have to be pretty fearless to parade around looking quite like this! Yes, it is Zero-credit founder, Emma Bryn-Jones, who is more than capable of making a great deal of noise, when it comes to tackling credit and debt!

Things are hotting up here at Zero-credit! The response to the #charitytuesday anti-poverty and debt shout outs on Twitter is gaining momentum and the plans to make this site a truly collaborative space are coming along very nicely.

All this takes time of course, not necessarily spent tweeting or blogging, so if you hear a little less from us, rest assured that the future that's in the making is well worth waiting for.

Radio 4 might have been discussing financial literacy this morning, but by the time Zero-credit's finished, lenders will be begging for lessons in reading consumers. Our time has come!
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