Monday, 24 May 2010


I am reminded of a "standard no" in which Zero-credit was turned down for support for fear of spreading efforts too thin. Sometimes there is no choice. Indeed for most looking at the likes of Zero-credit, thin is an understatement for how finances are spread.


Right now, Zero-credit is looking thin on recent content for the simple reason that needs must. However, far from stretching the purse strings to pay for new school shoes, I am stretching the hours to accommodate commitments to family and local community before I finalise the Zero-credit business model to support this site's remaining free. 


Odd. In this year of getting Zero-credit off the ground, the battle I ceded was the one where I stood to claim back a grand, yet those that I won't concern the long term well being of the people around me, fighting the injustices of public service on which we all depend.


I have been profoundly reminded this weekend that it isn't the money, but the people who count. I am glad, yet saddened that folk who contact Zero-credit now are not only low income earners. From the beginning I have known there were apparently comfortable households trapped in circumstances they could not afford, deserving of sympathy, not derision.


It is but the stigma of poverty which fuels the consumer credit market - lenders scrambling for a return on otherwise poorly rewarded investments, targeting the downwardly mobile in a fear-fuelled frenzy that fortunes cannot be secured in any other way. Tosh!


Unless we have a wealth of people caring with, for and about us then life is worthless. So thinly or otherwise, Zero-credit shall spread its wings.

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