Saturday, 26 June 2010

create e-waste or innovate credit free?

Fit for purpose is the Zero-credit motto when it comes to technology. There's no point buying a gadget which has a vast list of features you'll never use, least of all when you're borrowing to pay for it. Rather than purchase routinely the latest update or model, consider what you may assemble credit free from the kit you already have. Do you really need to replace VHS with DVD and now, Blueray? For movies your family may outgrow, perhaps not. And besides, as Greenpeace amply demonstrate, there's the environmental impact to consider too.

Want a say in how we do things?

For £1 a year, Zero-credit membership
is open to anyone, 
aged 16 or over
with personal experience of debt.

Come on, join us today!

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