Saturday, 12 June 2010

Exposing the Poverty Industry's Profiteers


This might be about the exploitation of poverty in the US but if you think it isn't rife in the UK, then you're very much mistaken.

When UK payday lenders can charge APR that is five times what US poverty campaigners lobby about and when the amount these lenders charge has increased from some 1500% in 2008 to around 2500% in 2010, you just might like to stop and think about this.

90% of us earn less than £44kpa in the UK relative to an average income of £24kpa and an average house price of some £200k.

Middle income Britain is anything but affluent and very much afraid of poverty... We are a prime market for unscrupulous pedlars of:

quick fix loans - to hide the ugly truth we cannot afford to reveal
pseudo basic bank accounts with sign up and transaction fees
prepaid cards without address so we can juggle our way out of benefits and debt.

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