Thursday, 29 July 2010

Till debt us do part

When no one, but no one, has measured the full socio-economic impact of the "cashless society", never mind its correlation to the global uptake of credit, don't even think about pigeon-holing an anguished suicide like Darrel's, or the tradegy of Jennifer Taylor, or that of Mark McDonald or most recently Andrew Case

These families are suffering the ultimate in needless, personal tragedy and we should be champing at the bit to end the quagmire of financial services which create the barbaric conditions for this to happen.

Over 4 million households were struggling to pay their mortgages in 2008 and the CAB is on track to handle some 2 million new debt cases this year alone. That's quite literally millions of us who are as much human, loved and special as Darrel, Jennifer, Mark and Andrew are to their families.

Reading Darryl's lenders' names - Lombard, GE Money, Black Horse and Private and Commercial Finance Group - their assurances of a robust credit analysis process and responsible lending do not wash. Responsible to whom?

In this era of transparency, financial services have an immediate and pressing lesson to learn. Let's not wait for someone we care about to feel overcome. The shift from conspicuous consumerism to an age of austerity has no need to take lives and we as consumers have every right to determine that.

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