Thursday, 12 August 2010

??17bn in benefits "lost"


By now we've all heard about the government's intention to beat the scrounger out of us... But as Citizens Advice rightly state, there is some £17 billion in unclaimed benefits. Here's our attempt to help you access it.

Turn2us provides an online benefits checker, which does require you to have some paperwork to hand (which benefit application doesn't?) but you could start to claim some of what's actually yours. There is also information about emergency and welfare grants.

And, if you're reading this as a passing interest, you could do one of two things, share it through this or the Turn2us site directly! Perhaps then the focus will be on error and not stigmatising claimants.

Want a say in how we do things?

For £1 a year, Zero-credit membership
is open to anyone, 
aged 16 or over
with personal experience of debt.

Come on, join us today!

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