Friday, 13 August 2010

fancy a ??430 pay rise?

Let's hear it for the Scots in this age of austerity, because Love Food Hate Waste could help the average household save some £430 a year. This may be a Scottish calculation but some two thirds of our groceries are binned across the UK every year.

Love Food Hate Waste has a fantastic website with ideas presented in so many ways that you're sure to find one that inspires you. They've even brought out an i-phone application! And £430 could go a very long way to paying off a debt, investing in low cost transport or insulation, even saving for a rainy day.


Want a say in how we do things?

For £1 a year, Zero-credit membership
is open to anyone, 
aged 16 or over
with personal experience of debt.

Come on, join us today!

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