Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Take Stock & Dole Swindle

The now infamous pages 10 and 11 of The Daily Express, Saturday July 24 2010


'Uncompromising' clampdown to increase penalties and claw back some of the £5.2bn lost to fraud and error.  

So reports The Guardian on David Cameron's tough action on benefit fraud today. What I don't understand is how Benefit Fraud seems to cost us £5.2bn now, when it was less than a fifth of that in 2008/9. Or could it be that rather embarrassing little word that politicians hate to admit - "error"?

And why is the media hell bent on exposing low level fraudsters when tax evasion costs the Treasury £30 billion a year? Is it really okay to celebrate Paris Hilton's profligate waste of £290,000 opposite a measly £900 of rent money dipped into by a single mum? What is it - bash a beggar month? 

No. It's more sinister than that - because as close runner up to the horrors of being a benefit screcipient is the fear of becoming one - not so implausible when you look at the distribution of income:

or wealth:

You're not as comfortable as you thought, right? 

Spare a moment to question who's spinning this fraudulent yarn because whether it's charging VAT on produce that enters our country illegally, or throwing a sickie to inventing tenants, fraud is wrong. Our question is not so much who's paying for it now, but who will be if we continue like this?

Emma Bryn-Jones
Zero-credit founder: http://zero-credit.co.uk; http://twitter.com/Zerocredit_UK
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