Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Zero-credit Ltd is born


So we're up on the Companies House register! The initial Management Committee meets on Friday to confirm all the membership and subscription rules and we'll be posting those shortly. In essence, membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over with personal experience of debt for the princely sum of £1 a year. 

This entitles each and every member to vote, to stand for election to the Management Committee and to direct the business and as they see fit. Profits shall be applied to resourcing the business as it grows, with an emphasis on creating employment for those in financial difficulty -  especially the unemployed  - and ultimately to donations for social and charitable purposes. We're working on applications becoming available from September both online and in person. 

From October / November, government, groups, organisations and businesses are invited to subscribe to the research and development information we shall publish electronically. I can't tell you the subscription rates yet because that's one of the details the Management Committee needs to confirm, but I'm hoping you know Zero-credit well enough by now to know it won't break the bank.

Actually, I'm rather hoping Zero-credit Ltd will break the banks. No offence guys, but you are so far removed from the social purpose on which you were founded by the likes of my Great x 6 grandfather Sampson Lloyd that you have forgotten that for the vast majority of us you're a basic commodity, as fundamental to the ground zero of Maslow's hierarchy of needs as the potato. Consumers are your life blood. Without us, you are nothing and as you have been foolish enough to fuel a situation where millions of us are indebted, the time has come to start listening. 
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