Thursday, 23 September 2010

Emma Bryn-Jones

Business Development Director and Zero-credit Founder 



Zero-credit was born shortly after Easter 2008, over a good bottle of whiskey and a long chat with my brother, Tom. By the following Christmas, I had completed a book, only to learn that if it was to gain any readership I needed to master the arts of publishing online - no mean feat when I was a teacher at the time!

Armed with a copy of Mr Site Pro and a £70 logo, it took me six months to post anything at all, but went live on 9th June 2009 and on 23rd I became @Zerocredit_UK on Twitter. I was brass, crass and agonising and there are those who still find that I am!

It is for this reason that when traffic started to escalate from January (I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to @PhilCampbell for moving content to posterous) I determined to look at a co-operatve business to maintain the creditfree material as free to use and free from advertising and sponsorship. There were many more than me to shout the debtors' cause. 

After an Eureka moment with @MrIanThomas who pointed out that my combination of social research and teaching skills had the makings of a viable trade, I was able to persuade some fine people to join me in the quest for Zero-credit Ltd. The company was registered on 10th August this year.


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