Thursday, 9 September 2010

First day in the office


September has well and truly started with our first day in the Zero-credit office in the telecottage at Moira Replan - we must remember to take coffee next time! The management committee has met here a few times, but today was our first day of work! We met our local Businesslink adviser, who was very pleasant and completed a few more costings for some of the bids we need to submit.

It's been a busy week so far, with a massive trip to London during the tube strike on Tuesday, visiting the NFP Technology Exhibition at the Business Design Centre, as well as hooking up with the amazing @leashless to talk #collapsonomics among other things. The seminars at the exhibition were good, though much of the software was beyond our budget. Still, it pays to know what's out there and have the assurance that the freeware you're using is fit for the job.

The application form for membership will be finalised tomorrow night, so you can expect to see that online early the week after next. One of the worst things about starting up in the run up to a Bank Holiday has been co-ordinating all the account information for online payments, but we're getting there. That's all for now, and as ever, thanks for your support.

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