Friday, 24 September 2010


We need your help... Besides the UnLtd award we're waiting on two other pockets of funding which are taking much longer to be paid than anticipated. We know it's just that scary wait before a business settles into regular trade, but things are looking tight - and one thing you can be sure of on Zero-credit, when we say tight, we mean tight.

We're going to trial a PayPal donate button on some of the creditfree posts to see whether you and other visitors feel like placing a value to our tips - we've already pasted in the html for Membership Applications and may go interactive sooner rather than later when we find out some more about payment schedules next week. Even so, if we've done something meaningful or useful for you, then we'd really welcome your appreciation right now:

[button removed, 06.11.10]

Oh yeah... and somewhere along the line, we'll work out the code to remove that annoying little query box ;-)

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