Friday, 29 October 2010

Clean Green and Save Money

Do you sometimes hate the smell of the house when you have cleaned with chemical cleaning products? Or are you worried about what toxins you are breathing in or getting on your skin? Not to mention the cost of some cleaning items. And do you really need a sink cleaner, a hob cleaner, a shower cleaner and a separate floor cleaner – well the marketing people would like us to think so, but the reality is – OF COURSE NOT!!!

All you need for a clean and sparkling home is some Bicarbonate of soda and some distilled white vinegar. A little lemon juice can help now and then, and of course smells wonderful.

So down to practicalities. Here is what you need... I bought the Bicarb and Spray vinegar from Wilkinsons. Bicarb is £1.29 and Spray vinegar is 98p.


Kitchen First


See this hob – needs a good clean especially as it has some burnt in stuff on it.

Well a little bicarb and a damp scourer and just a few minutes later


Dah Daaahhhh! I shined it up with a spray of vinegar at the end.

And now for the sink


Just a sprinkling of bicarb, scrub it round, spray some vinegar so it all fizzes. Leave for five minutes then scrub, rinse and final spray with vinegar. Sparkling as new!!


I recommend you to try it you haven't already. Whether you are trying it out for the first time or are a dab hand with the bicarb and vinegar, please do leave a comment as to how well you think it works for you.

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