Tuesday, 26 October 2010

E- E- EDM!



If you have been following Zero-credit since the early days, you will know that I have supported numerous campaigns to end the so called legitimate scams of high cost credit. I've called it #WTFAPR, I've called it #institutionalbenefitfraud, I've called it's number on countless occasions, comparing interest rates internationally to illustrate just how expensive these loans are in the UK.

I could just give up, become jaded or disillusioned that debtors' voices are still not heard. The finance sector, government and the media seem intent on justifying exorbitant fees as a necessary evil: how else will the poor and ill-educated manage without a short term fix? Pedlars of our dependence is what they are.

Yet you and I both know that it is not just the poor and less academic who are sucked into high cost lending to make ends meet. On average income, fewer and fewer of us are able to afford the rising costs of living and these debts pose a risk to the well being of us all. There but for the grace of God go I - and half a million public sector job cuts down the line, there am I.

End Legal Loan Sharks may be just another EDM to fight the cause, after all, you could say nothing much came of Greg Mulholland's EDM for the 2356 campaign last March - it was gazumped by the General Election. But each time a motion is tabled, we chip away at the status quo and this time could be the time that we cap interest rates for good. 

So I am inviting you on a personal note, because after working on Zero-credit for two and a half years, I have not given up and I'm asking you not to give up. The End Legal Loan Sharks campaign needs you to:

1. Join the facebook group

2. Ask your MP to attend this debate to show support for action on these issues and sign EDM 872. The more who show up, the more the Government will feel the pressure to act!

3. Share this group with friends and family and ask them to do the same to help spread the word. If your MP is on Facebook invite them to join too!

4. Conact Stella Creasy on stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk if you want to know more about this Bill or this campaign.

Just DO it?

Thanks :-)

Emma Bryn-Jones



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