Wednesday, 13 October 2010

London and back for ??2.75.......

Exeter to London and back for £2.75? Yes it is possible ….and for everyone. This is not a student rate or for those with bus passes, but for anyone. It was a journey I completed recently – train from Exeter on Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening by coach.

The key to all cheap travel is book as far in advance as possible – whether on train or coach. There are fares for just £1 if you plan ahead. There are two main sites for such cheap fares – (which also includes some train fares) and – national express coach cheap fares.

It's simple really – input where you wish to go and the date you wish to travel. The more flexible you can be, the more likely you are to get the cheap fares. The Exeter trip was booked over two months in advance.

The services operate to main cities and towns only, but if your ultimate destination is not included it can still be worth using these sites to get as far as you can before completing your journey with a local ticket. When you book a train through megabus, it is not permitted in their Terms and Conditions to get off the train at an intermediary stop. For example, the train from Exeter stops at several stations on the way to London but it is not permissible to get out at these stations without being liable for the full fare.

There are only a limited number of services at the very cheapest prices of £1, but there are cheap fares much closer to the time of travel even the day before, so it is always worth looking.

Megabus give you a reference number which is your ‘ticket’. You can have the reference texted to you and you can use the text on your phone as your ticket. 

Please feel free to relate your experiences of cheap coach and rail fares.



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