Friday, 1 October 2010

Reducing your Food Bills (1)

Reducing your Food Bills – (1) Supermarket Bargains.


After several years practice at reducing food bills whilst eating healthily, this is the first in a series of blogs where I pass on some tips and help others to spend less and eat well. My family – myself and my husband and two teenagers - consists of two vegetarians, a confirmed meat eater and a mostly veggie but happy to eat some meat (me!), so cooking to please all is not without its challenges!


I have worked at eating on well on as little as possible - £30-£50 per week for all of us.


Over a series of articles I will pass on my ideas and include a few recipes too.


Firstly - Supermarket Bargains


Find out what time is the best time to visit your supermarket to get the end of day reductions and if it is possible, visit the shop at that time.  Some items can be reduced by 50%-80% – a huge saving on the original cost.


But Beware!! Do not buy something just because it is cheap.


My rules for buying end of day reductions are:-


1.      Only buy fresh produce that can be frozen – unless they are point 4

2.      Only buy things that would be bought at full price – unless they are point 3 - otherwise it is just extra expense and may get wasted.

3.      Buy things that you consider are only good value when reduced eg premium brands, puddings, special treats and only if the premium price is now at least as cheap as the standard brand that you would normally buy.

4.      Only buy things that can't be frozen if they can be consumed today or tomorrow – may mean changing your plan for dinner that night – fine if it doesn't waste what you would have had.

5.      Know how much room you have in the freezer – if no room left DO NOT BUY

NB – Having your freezer really full reduces the electricity consumption of your freezer.

6.      Having a full freezer means you can have a week when you eat only what is in the freezer giving you a week of little spend on food.

7.      In my experience Sundays and Mondays are usually the best days for bargains.


Remember - we all love a bargain, but it’s not a bargain if it’s excess to requirements. Resist temptation to buy something just because it is cheap – remember it still cost money and without it your weekly bill will be less.


It is very satisfying coming out of the supermarket with a full bag of bread, rolls etc and its only cost you £2-£3. It’s what makes frugal living enjoyable – knowing you have got the best value for money – and you still have some money left for another day!!


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