Friday, 15 October 2010

Reducing Your Food Bills (3) ??? Back to Basics

We all want to get the best food we can fro the cheapest price. That is why knowing prices of the things you buy regularly will really pay off, so you know when you are getting a bargain. Comparing prices of the brands you use with others, will tell you whether you can save money by switching brands. Where there is a ‘basics’ version of the product, or a cheaper brand, try it. You could knock over 30% off your spend for that item.

I know there are certain foods where choosing the basics is just not an option – but unless you try it you don’t know - and it is all about personal taste. There are some things where I believe the basics product is just as good as a branded product. Potatoes (often just strange shapes and sizes), tinned pineapple (Sainsbury’s 13p for 225g), plain yoghurt (add your own fruit), frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn are all as good or certainly acceptable. Some things I really don’t like the basics versions are bread and coleslaw - but that's personal - you may think they are great! There are some things where the ingredients of the basic product are substantially different from the branded product and may be less healthy as a result. Basics Tomato sauce for example, has far fewer tomatoes in it.

It’s your choice but often it’s worth a try. If at all possible it is best to taste these products ‘blind’ so you know you are not being influenced by the packaging and the  fact that you know something cost less.



A hit for me is Sainsbury’s curry sauce for just 9p. Its fine, no dubious ingredients, and you can always spice it up a bit with a bit extra chilli, cumin or whatever your favourite spices are. Looking on the internet there are plenty of reviews that agree with me too that it is a perfectly pleasant sauce and an absolute bargain! Look out for one of my recipes soon on the ‘feed a family for far less than a fiver series’ that uses the curry sauce.

Meanwhile please report back on your favourite (and least favourite) basics products..

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