Monday, 11 October 2010

Supermarket Sweep?

Who needs checkouts?! Um, we do?

As we face the most comprehensive spending review for decades, where will the private sector jobs come from if contactless transactions become the norm?

How will SMEs, markets and community fundraisers compete or collect - have you spared any change of thought for that?

Already, we see five jobs lost to one worker, teaching up to six customers at a time how to use a self service checkout, yet the supermarkets still maintain that they create employment.

The loss of six minimum wage jobs - for surely the DIY demonstrator ultimately faces redundancy too - should save the supermarket some £72,000 a year, but what will it cost the taxpayer?

There are only three employees, throughout the entirety of this IBM video, in one very large supermarket.

Before plunging headlong into the virtual revolution, let's at least estimate the human cost of implementing a new technology and in an age of austerity, #jobsforpeople come first, we say.

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