Friday, 12 November 2010

Luxuries for Less (1) - A little bit of time to relax

However frugal you are, you need to be a little frivolous every now and then. So what can you do to indulge, treat yourself? It doesn't have to cost a lot to be valuable. It's the time given to yourself that is the most important thing.

Whether its time out, a little luxury or a little retail therapy you are after, here are some suggestions for a little treat.

  1. Have a long hot
    bath with your favourite luxury bubble bath, glass of wine,
    favourite music and a great book. May be a few chocolates too! Put a
    'Do Not Disturb' notice on the door.

  2. Go out for coffee
    and cake with your partner, best friend, or alone. You may not be
    able to afford a meal out but lingering over a coffee and indulgent
    cake can be just as good and a lot cheaper.


  3. Fancy a Takeaway?
    Supermarkets now do excellent Chinese or Indian takeaways that you
    just heat up at home. They are just like eating out, but much
    cheaper. Just heat up in the oven and serve with your favourite

  4. Buy a new item of
    clothing or jewellery. Try the website 10orLess . It brings together the best bargains from 100s of shops featuring
    men's and women's clothing and household goods and everything is £10 or less.

  5. Reward yourself for all those times when you have spent less than expected. Go to the shops
    with £10, £15 or £20 to spend on what ever you choose. Enjoy
    looking round and deciding – and then enjoy what you buy. You will
    value it all the more for being such a special treat.

  6. Plan and save up
    for a trip to the pub, cinema, theatre or whatever you fancy,
    putting aside what you can each week. Then enjoy the experience knowing you have earned it!
  7. Make a Pudding.
    How long is it since you had treacle pudding, rice pudding or apple
    crumble, with custard, cream or ice cream? These are all cheap to
    make and will feel very indulgent! Here is the recipe for Apple Crumble
  8. Go for a good walk
    in a park, country lane or by the coast (especially if you had a
    pudding!) The fresh air and exercise will be invigorating and
    encourage some mood enhancing endorphins! 


  9. Volunteer. You
    will meet new people and learn new skills. To find out how see You can volunteer as a 'one off' or start a regular commitment every week, fortnight or month.
  10. If you save loyalty points, spend them on a luxury instead of day to day stuff. You will value it much more.

Whatever you decide to do, it's important it is entirely guilt free both in terms of time and money. So give yourself a little break every now and then.


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