Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Live blogging!

My, Zero-credit has come a long way from an idea for a book in a council house bedroom! Today we were commissioned to live blog the East Midlands ESF conference for the All in One Project - not to mention presenting the finished All in One website.


Aware of a vaccuum for EY2010 content across social media, at the end of August, the All in One Project decided to use digital media to raise the profile of the Poverty Convention, as a focus for live debate. We were also hoping to connect with other EY2010 projects nationally, so we could harness the momentum of discussion around poverty and social exclusion, creating a legacy for the future. The Bevan Foundation, a connection made through social media, has been extremely amenable to this.


On average, around 1 in 318 Twitter users repeat content, generating an average 1.5 additional site visits. Thus, within a six week timescale, our task was to focus attention on key influencers, who might support EY2010 and drive a live digital audience to the Poverty Convenvtion stream. In the days immediately before, during and after the Poverty Convention there were some 17 retweets and mentions using the #povcon hashtag from users with an average Klout of 48 (ours is 26). Several were East Midlands or neighbouring South Yorkshire based, many were well respected digital commentators and some were key figures from the wider not-for-profit sector. We even had one retweet from the US and perhaps most satisfyingly, one of the young people involved in creating a video for us was able to follow events on the day from her 6th Form College.


A week after the convention, the blog site we had created to record events leading up to and at the Poverty Convention had received some 10,000 site visits and by the end of November that number had increased to 12,750. Individual posts relating to specific places, Mansfield and Bolsover for instance, have been viewed in excess of 5,000 times. Much of this traffic may be attributed to interests in individual post topics, such as a town or a specific issue like working age poverty, and may well satisfy a passing interest. The point is that the currency of our content is still very much alive.


Ultimately, the process of applying digital media to the Poverty Convention has demonstrated dynamic potential to create a thriving legacy for continuing the dialogue started in 2010. For this reason, as an All in One Project plenary, we have transferred all content and networks to a new user interface, capable of sustaining and extending the relationships and connections forged in 2010, so that we may continue to combat poverty and social exclusion well into the next decade. The gateway to this may be found at http://allinone-em.org.uk.


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