Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ooh! Aah! Cantona!

There is a growing sentiment of frustration with the banking system, fuelled by the fear that collapse in the Eurozone may cost more than a few million jobs and cutbacks before the year is out.

Eric Cantona's answer is to have it out - your money that is. His "Kill the Banks" campaign for mass withdrawals on December 7th is designed to grind the system to a halt. But revolution is not the preserve of the French: in the States, perfectly respectable middle class households are simply not repaying the mortgages they can no longer afford.



It's populist, appealing even... But is it right?

The first people to suffer the inevitable chaos that a lack of cash flow will bring are the elderly, infirm and benefit dependent - those who are sitting in cold homes right now, waiting for the next payment to recharge a meter key or to put food on the table. Precisely how fair is it to grind the system to a halt two and half weeks before Christmas, when everything shuts down anyway, with a blanket of ice and snow sweeping our countries and transport unable to move?   

We've just spent an entire year trying to combat poverty and social exclusion across Europe and the job is by no means done. Winter fuel deaths are a very real concern and with energy prices increasing and freak weather at the start and now also the end of this year, there'll be many more of these chilling statistics in 2010. So, before you claim a bloodless revolution, Mr Cantona, spare a thought for those who cannot afford your call to action - le pauvre con qui est plutot le #povcon d'EY2010.

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